All Our Luck Is Changing –
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American Songwriter ★★★★★

All Our Luck Is Changing is a masterpiece! Though everything Claudia’s done solo or with others has been great, sparked by the singular charm of her sweet voice and pure spirit, this is the best yet. With Peter Case at the helm and a new batch of beautifully realized songs, this is everything that is great about her and more. Her singing has never been more poignant or confident, and these songs come to life with an effortless spirit of genuine soul. This is heartwarming stuff, both inspirational and comforting at a time we need inspiration and comfort more then ever.
– Paul Zollo    Read the full review here.


Country Music People (UK) ★★★★

Few singers can construct a song as well as Claudia Russell, and her sharp, well-observed lyrics, have an engaging timeless feel. She’s also a hell of a singer. Russell has made some fine discs in her career. This new one is an important release – it’s close to perfect and very entertaining!” – Paul Riley        See the fuls review.


Roots Music Report ★★★★★

Whether fashioning a warm-hearted childhood recollection or relaying varied scenes from the grown-up world of love, Ms. Russell imbues each offering here with vivid visuals, convincing emotion and melodic instincts that match a persona more often cheerful than not. Splendid, primarily acoustic backup is highlighted with touches of mandolin and viola. Russell and partner Bruce Kaplan co-wrote the totally charming openers, “Pirate Girls” and the title track. The Ann Peebles r&b classic, “I Can’t Stand The Rain”, retrofit in folk-rock regalia, is a nice surprise. – Duane Verh


Wildy’s World ★★★★★

Claudia Russell is a singer/songwriter with a distinctive voice and a gift for writing substantive, evocative songs. This is Russell’s forte, as she is adept at painting pictures with words, and backing them up with velvet arrangements that always seem the perfect fit.  Claudia Russell is a rare talent. Her voice isn’t perfect, but it’s perfect for her, and perfectly fit to the songs she writes.  All Our Luck Is Changing is a wonderfully well-crafted and mature song cycle, delivering on Russell’s talent as a songwriter and storyteller, as well as on her personal charisma.  If this album doesn’t win Russell awards, it will be an injustice of epic proportions.  – Wildy’s World Review Blog     Read the full review here


East Bay Express – PICK OF THE WEEK

Following in the tradition of classic folk and country, Claudia Russell’s songs often tell a story — like the title track, in which she reflects with childlike awe on a family road trip to Vegas. While her songs can be sentimental, they’re never clichéd, thanks to smart lyrics and simple, clean arrangements of mandolin and guitar. Beyond folk, Russell dabbles in western swing and rock, all of which demonstrate her impressive vocal range, which goes from low and sultry to high-pitched and girlish in a style that can only be compared to Dolly Parton. – Whitney Phaneuf